4. Material

Ideally coordinated materials



Wide range of shades, shapes and materials

try-in visuals 11-16_0069

ProArt CAD Try-In

White PMMA disc for functional try-ins

transfer visuals 11-16_0112

ProArt CAD Transfer

Polyoxymethylene (POM) disc suitable for the fabrication of transfer templates

wax pink visuals 11-16_0032

ProArt CAD Wax pink

Pink wax disc for individual wax bite rims


IvoBase CAD Bond

The two-component bonding system for digital prosthetics

Vivodent_11-16_0304 teaser

SR Vivodent CAD

The material for digitally produced teeth and tooth segments

Ivobase_11-16_0304 teaser

IvoBase CAD

The denture base material for the digital denture