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SR Nexco Flask

SR Nexco Flask is a flask suitable for pressing light-curing veneering composites, such as SR Nexco pastes, on framework structures.

SR Nexco Flask is no ordinary flask: It was developed in close cooperation with expert flask users who placed special emphasis on functionality, ergonomics and design in order to address the manifold challenges encountered in everyday practice.

With SR Nexco Flask, various types and sizes of restorations can be veneered. Particularly long-span bridges can be veneered fast and efficiently. Both the dentin and incisal press cycles follow the same procedure. When compared directly, the wax-up and the final restoration are almost identical.


  • Precise results as the wax-up is directly converted into the final composite restoration
  • Material and time savings due to the efficient veneering of small and large restorations
  • Direct and even application of the SR Nexco composites without the need of additional heating
  • Coordinated Transil F clear silicone, adapted hardness and light transmission


  • Pressing on metal and ZrO2 framework structures
  • Veneering of removable and fixed prosthetics
  • Pressing on implant-supported restorations