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Multiple protection for hypersensitive teeth

Through a synergistic combination of mechanisms, VivaSens protects exposed cervicals from external stimuli. A film-like varnish seals the root surfaces, whilst the dentin tubuli are blocked via the precipitation of calcium ions and proteins in the dentinal fluid. Potassium fluoride offers additional protection. Being transparent, the varnish can be used in visible areas without affecting the patient's appearance.


  • Treatment of hypersensitive cervicals
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivities e.g. due to bleaching procedures.
  • Treatment of sensitivities occurring after professional tooth cleaning, scaling and root- planning procedures
  • Dentin protection below restorative materials
  • Hypersensitivity due to gingival recession
  • Hypersensitivity due to periodontitis, bruxism or erosion
  • Preventive use in patients with a tendency towards sensitive teeth


  • Innovative, synergistic mechanism
  • Fluoride release
  • Gentle on the gums

Benefits for the practice team

  • Fast relief of pain
  • Increased motivation for oral hygiene
  • Satisfied patients