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Heliosit Orthodontic

Heliosit Orthodontic is a light-cured [5,6], highly transparent [1-3] luting composite for orthodontic brackets (made either of metal or ceramic material) [4,5].   

After the enamel has been etched with phosphoric acid (37%), Heliosit Orthodontic is applied to establish a fast, stable bond [1-5] to the bracket (metal and ceramic surfaces have to be pre-treated according to manufacturer's directions).


  • No dosing or mixing required
  • The light-cured material allows the bracket to be conveniently positioned on the tooth surface without any time constraints [5,6]
  • The exceptional translucency [1-3] of the material enables a thorough cure when it is exposed to polymerization light [5,6]

Area of usage:

  • Cementation of brackets in orthodontics

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