Power Saving Technology

“Efficient use of energy and responsible use of valuable resources” – this is the basic idea behind the “Power Saving Technology” concept.

Ivoclar Vivadent uses the “Power Saving Technology” label only on equipment which meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • The appliance consumes less power than the comparable predecessor model.
  • The appliance is equipped with innovative mechanisms or functions which help to reduce power consumption.
  • The appliance has an integrated energy saving mode or a key to activate this mode.

Depending on the model, the following energy saving features are available:

  • Power consumption reduced by 40 percent in the stand-by mode due to softwarecontrolled energy saving function
  • Saving energy at the push of a button: Simply tap the “Power Saving” key and the furnace switches to the power saving mode
  • Innovative vacuum control reduces power consumption by up to 80 watt. The doublevalve technology allows the vacuum pump to be immediately switched off when thedesired vacuum has been achieved
  • Intelligent Press Function (IPF) saves up to 45 percent of time required for pressing.A shorter press cycle equals lower energy consumption
  • Innovative sintering process saves up to 60 percent on energy use. The Programat S1 reduces the time required for sintering from between 5 and 7 hours to just 90 minutes. Compared with the predecessor Sintramat, up to 2450 watt can be saved in each sintering cycle