Wieland Zenotec Tools Portfolio

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Durable and versatile: Wieland Zenotec tools portfolio

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 9 March 2015

Even better matched to materials and individual customer needs

The Wieland Zenotec tools portfolio is now more clearly structured. Special emphasis has been placed on a well-organized presentation to suit the different needs of the individual customer.

The milling and grinding tools developed for Zenotec are characterized by durability and versatility. The manufacturers have re-arranged and extended the portfolio. Apart from standard tools which are used to machine zirconium oxide and wax, the portfolio includes specially developed tools, e.g. for machining IPS e.max® CAD, and high-quality single-edge tools for optimized resin milling.

Basic, Special and Premium segment
The portfolio is now divided into a Basic, Special and Premium segment. The Premium tools ensure highly efficient and sustained production in the field of zirconium oxide. They offer a long service life and high process stability. High-quality coatings enhance the reliability of the machining procedure. The tools of the Premium segment are ideal for optimizing the fabrication process during high capacity utilization. The tools of the Special segment have been developed mainly with the individual indications for special materials in mind. They enable high-quality restorations to be achieved and are especially coordinated with certain materials such as IPS e.max from Ivoclar Vivadent or the new Wieland discs for the “Digital Denture Professional” procedure. The tools of the Basic segment are distinguished by their universal applicability for a wide range of materials and indications.

Optimally matched to the materials
All the tools of the Wieland Zenotec portfolio have been especially developed for and coordinated with the Ivoclar Vivadent and Wieland materials to ensure a fully integrated, validated workflow. They feature a high quality and long service life. Optimum production success of the tools is ensured by a consistent manufacturing process and stringent quality assurance.

Zenotec® is a registered trademark of Wieland Dental + Technik GmbH.
IPS e.max® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.