Wieland Zenotec select ion

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PMMA milling of the highest level

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 9 March 2015

Innovative milling unit for the efficient machining of acrylic materials.

Wieland Zenotec select ion is an innovative milling unit for high-precision functional results. The new unit features the proven Zenotec select properties such as the 8-disc material changer and is additionally equipped with an innovative ionization system.

The ionizer presents the main innovation of this unit. Ionized compressed air is directed onto the tools and materials via targeted nozzles during the milling process. The ionized air neutralizes the static charge of the acrylic particles produced during milling. The acrylic particles can be easily evacuated. The material changer provides a fully automated material management system. Depending on the milling task at hand, a suitable material is selected and automatically fed into the milling process. The tools, systems, software programs, materials and machinery have been optimized especially for the processing of acrylic materials. The result is a fully coordinated digital manufacturing process suitable for the digital production of complete dentures, bite templates, try-ins, surgical guides, occlusal splints and PMMA restorations. The milling tools have been especially developed for the Zenotec select ion unit. They not only ensure process stability and versatility but also reduce machining times by up to 70 per cent. Acrylic materials and similar synthetic materials can be effectively and reliably processed.

Integration into the Digital Denture workflow
Wieland Zenotec select ion can be integrated into a comprehensive digital workflow for CAD/CAM produced complete dentures. The Digital Denture workflow incorporates innovative appliances, software programs and coordinated materials for dentists and dental technicians.

Zenotec® is a registered trade mark of Wieland Dental + Technik GmbH.