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A suitable scanner for any lab

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 9 March 2015

New 3Shape scanner portfolio

For many years, Wieland Dental, a company of the Ivoclar Vivadent Group, has been cooperating with the Danish company 3Shape that specializes in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions. At IDS 2015, a modernized, technically improved scanner portfolio will be presented. The new features in detail:

Scanners for partly digital labs
The new D750 scanner is based on the scanner technology of the D900/D900L scanners. The blue light LED technology increases the scan speed and enhances the detail of the scans in areas that are difficult to reach, e.g. the interdental spaces. This scanner is the right choice for medium-sized laboratories or larger labs that are expanding their scan-stations.

The D850 is equipped with two high-resolution cameras and blue light LED technology. Pencil texture markings on the surface of the model can be captured with this machine. The scanning surface integrated into the 3Shape Dental Designer 2015 software makes scanning easy. The different scanning steps can be carried out in the desired sequence. This premium scanner is suitable for medium-sized to large laboratories that accomplish most of their laboratory job using digital solutions.

Scanners for full digital labs
The D1000 multi-colour scanner features multi-line blue light LED technology. LED lines are projected onto the scan surface and calculated by algorithms to produce the model surface. The multi-line blue light LED technology allows dies to be scanned directly on the model. Therefore, separate scanning of the dies is eliminated and the working time at the scanner is considerably reduced. This highly productive premium scanner is suitable for full digital laboratories.

The high-performance D2000 scanner is capable of scanning the upper and lower jaw at the same time. Due to the integrated On-Model die scan function (scanning of dies directly on the model) only one scanning process is needed to scan the entire restoration. A vestibular scan is unnecessary as a result of the occlusion setup tool, which automatically brings the upper and lower jaw into occlusion. The scanning time is reduced to a minimum. This high-performance premium scanner is suitable for fully digitalized and fully automated laboratories that are focused on achieving maximum productivity.