Wieland Digital Press Design

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combines the strengths of CAD/CAM and the press technique

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 9 March 2015

Exclusive add-on software module optimizes the fabrication of IPS e.max Press restorations

The Wieland Digital Press Design process is specially designed for the IPS e.max Press technique. It combines the benefits of the press technique with those offered by CAD/CAM technology and ensures a smooth workflow for heightened efficiency and productivity in the press technique. The individual components (such as Zenotec mini and the corresponding materials) are fully compatible.

The exclusive Digital Press Design add-on software module enhances the standard Dental Designer 2015 software from 3Shape. This software in combination with modern CAD/CAM technology simplifies the fabrication of IPS e.max Press restorations and adds value to this process. For instance, the position of the sprues is established fully automatically. In addition, the colour progression within the polychromatic IPS e.max Press Multi restorations can be individually controlled. The computer-designed structures are then milled from the ProArt Wax Discs for Zenotec, which have been specially developed for the press technique. This burn-out wax is characterized by excellent machining properties. The milled items show high accuracy of fit as well as smooth surfaces with fine anatomical details, which meet the demanding requirements of the IPS e.max Press procedure. The objects are subsequently processed in a Programat press furnace according to the proven press technique to produce accurately-fitting, highly esthetic restorations. Therefore, this process takes the best possible advantage of the strengths of digital and analogue fabrication methods to create superb restorations.

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