Programat P710

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A ceramic furnace that leaves nothing to be desired

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 9 March 2015

The new Programat P710 ceramic furnace incorporates a digital shade analyzer and telephone functionality.

Packed with innovative features, the new Programat P710 can do more than just fire. The innovations include a Digital Shade Assistant (DSA) for accurate shade selection, telephone capabilities and infrared technology for enhanced process reliability.

Digital Shade Assistant (DSA)
The patented Digital Shade Assistant (DSA) enables users to determine the exact tooth shade in a snap. The user preselects the three closest shades and takes a photograph of the teeth and the selected shades. This information is transferred to the furnace via SD card, WLAN or USB flash drive. On the furnace, the user selects the shade analysis mode to import the photographs and start digital shade selection. In addition to the shade, the brightness and saturation values (L-, A- and B-values) can be determined. The software compares the shade of the tooth to be analysed with the three pre-selected tooth samples from the shade guide. Special image processing software automatically recognizes which tooth to analyse and displays the best shade match. The software also allows users to manually select specific aspects of the tooth for shade analysis. No further appliances are required.

Telephone functionality
The new ceramic furnace comes with integrated telephone capabilities. This allows users to discuss individual patient cases with the clinician directly at the furnace at any time, without having to change workstation. Both hands stay free to carry on working. The user's mobile phone connects to the furnace via Bluetooth wireless technology and transfers the user's contact list to the furnace screen. A built-in hands-free system and a microphone ensure a high level of call quality.

Infrared technology
The integrated infrared technology represents another milestone achievement in the design of dental furnaces. The use of infrared technology heightens the process reliability and the overall speed of the process. This increases the cost-effectiveness of the furnace and offers users a twofold advantage: the firing process can be completed up to 20 per cent quicker and the quality of the fired objects is superior compared with the results achieved with conventional ceramic furnaces. Cleverly devised software uses a thermographic camera to calculate the most suitable pre-drying and closing parameters for each firing cycle. Sensor controlled measurements ensure that the furnace recognizes at which point the objects have been optimally pre-dried. Potential fluctuations in quality resulting from the individual adjustment of firing programs are therefore eliminated.

Ease of operation
In addition to several new features, the Programat P710 offers a high level of user friendliness. The furnace is easy to operate by means of a large, swivelling colour touchscreen. The most important functions, however, are selected on the proven membrane-sealed keypad.

Proven Portfolio
The firing and press furnaces from Ivoclar Vivadent are based on long-standing success. The company has been designing high-quality dental furnaces for discerning customers for many decades.

Programat® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.