Programat P700

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Programat P700 – the multimedia furnace


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 21 June 2007

The new Programat P700 is the highlight among ceramic furnaces. The user-friendly ceramic furnace with many extra features unites high-tech performance, state-of-the-art design and multimedia functions.

The Programat P700 furnace features a large high-resolution colour display with touch screen function. The card reader is used to read patient and tooth images from popular memory cards. Subsequently, the pictures appear on the display of the multimedia furnace.

Playing MP3 files via the integrated MP3 player is a special feature of the unit. The OSD (Optical Status Display) will inform you about the current operating status of the furnace (e.g. heating, cooling, stand-by) even from a large distance. The Thermo Shock Protection (TSP) function protects the ceramic against cracking during pre-drying of, for example, the opaquer.

It goes without saying that the furnace is equipped with the QTK heating muffle technology, which offers homogeneous heat radiation and thus optimum firing results. The automatic double-range calibration (ATK 2) helps the user to save time and to achieve even more accurate calibration results in two temperature ranges.