Programat EP 5000

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Programat EP 5000 combination furnace for perfect results


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 25 June 2007

At IDS, Ivoclar Vivadent will present its new Programat EP 5000 combination fur-nace, which can be used as a press and ceramic furnace. The new technological components ensure a safe and reliable firing and press process.

Because of the high-resolution colour display with the convenient touch screen func-tion and the proven membrane-sealed keypad, the furnace is easy to operate.

During the firing process, the OSD (Optical Status Display) shows the current status of the furnace ranging from heating to cooling. It goes without saying that the furnace features the automatic temperature calibration ATK 2.

The QTK heating muffle technology provides even more homogeneous heat radia-tion during the heating process. Consequently, optimum firing and press results can be achieved. For pressed ceramics in particular, the new press drive with the Intelligent Press Function (IPF) helps to achieve faster and even more beautiful res-torations. The Crack Detection System (CDS) is a new feature of the furnace. Hence, investment ring cracks can be identified at an early stage. In such cases, the furnace will interrupt the press procedure.

Twenty press and 200 firing programs offer sufficient capacities for different ceramic materials. The furnace offers three USB connections and an Ethernet connection for different accessories. The unit can be updated without a PC using an USB stick.

Due to its compact dimensions and modern design, the Programat EP 5000 occu-pies very little space.