Cervitec Gel

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Cervitec Gel – chlorhexidine and fluoride protect


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 11 September 2007

The chlorhexidine and fluoride contained in the new chlorhexidine gel offer double protection and easy application. 

The new Cervitec Gel protects gums, teeth and restorations by maintaining the health of the gingiva and oral mucous membrane. The special feature about Cervitec Gel is that it additionally contains fluoride. While chlorhexidine fights harmful bacteria, 900ppm fluoride strengthen the natural teeth. This offers double protection and exceptionally easy application: use Cervitec Gel to brush the teeth in the evening instead of normal toothpaste.

Cervitec Gel is also recommended as a support during the therapy of patients with increased bacteria counts or with inflammation of the mucous membrane, the gingiva or periodontal tissue. Chlorhexidine reduces the bacteria counts in the mouth. The formation of bacterial plaque and halitosis is reduced. Inflammation of the gingiva subsides.

How to use the gel
Compared to other gels, the clear Cervitec Gel has a pleasant taste. Free Stand Single Doses with a specially designed nozzle enable easy handling. Depending on the indication, Cervitec Gel can be directly applied to the mucous membrane or the inner part of the denture using a toothbrush or an interdental brush. Cervitec Gel can be applied both in the dental practice and at home.