Fluor Protector study

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A protective shield against erosive attacks


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 11 September 2007

Latest study results confirm the effectiveness of the fluoride-containing varnish Fluor Protector from Ivoclar Vivadent against aggressive acids, which are particularly present in beverages, such as soft drinks, alcopops and fruit juices. They are detrimental to the teeth of children, teenagers and adults alike. Fluor Protector acts like a protective shield and prevents erosion.

At the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, A. Vieira and her co-workers examined the protective potential of the fluoride varnish under controlled conditions (Vieira et al. 2007). Test persons wore a removable appliance with human tooth enamel for three weeks. Two of the enamel samples had been treated with Fluor Protector, while the other two were left untreated to serve as controls.

Three times a day, the samples were immersed extra-orally in an acidic soft drink for 5 minutes each. At the end of each day, one untreated and one sample treated with Fluor Protector were brushed with a fluoride-containing toothpaste. The other two samples remained unbrushed.

After 5, 10 and 15 days, the volume loss was determined by means of optical profilometry. A statistically significant volume loss for the untreated control groups was recorded. There was a large gap between these results and those of the samples treated with Fluor Protector, which were exposed to erosive attacks as well as abrasive tooth brushing.

The volume loss recorded for the enamel protected with the fluoride varnish was very low and not significant. These results show that Fluor Protector can effectively reduce erosive damages.

Vieira A, Jager DHJ, Ruben JL, Huysmans MCDNJM: Inhibition of erosive wear by fluoride varnish; Caries Res 2007; 41: 61-67