IPS InLine PoM

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A metal-ceramic that is different but still familiar


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 20 September 2007

The new Press-on-Metal ceramic IPS InLine PoM for fully anatomical pressing allows you to create accurately fitting aesthetic restorations and produce consistently reproducible quality in no time at all.

IPS InLine PoM from Ivoclar Vivadent is the latest development in the press-on technique. The new leucite -ceramic is based on 20 years of experience in ceramics with IPS Empress and the practical, familiar casting technique. The result is a Press-on-Metal ceramic, which allows you to concentrate on such important factors as shade selection, function and surface texture of the restoration.

Smooth surface texture
In contrast to the layering technique, the restoration is pressed fully anatomically when using the press-on-metal technique with IPS InLine PoM. There is no need for cut-back or ceramic layering. Simply apply the opaquer, complete the fully anatomical wax-up, press, characterize with the new Shade, Stain materials and Glaze.

The ingot range
The IPS InLine PoM ingot range has been deliberately designed “narrow”. With only seven shades, all Chromascop, A–D and the new Bleach shades can be easily reproduced. Consequently, it is possible to press over different patient cases in one press cycle.

Thanks to two ingot sizes (S and XS), unnecessary material waste is a thing of the past with IPS InLine PoM. The system is capped off by the Ivoclar Vivadent alloys in the CTE range of 13.8-14.5 x 10-6 K-1 25-500 °C < 10 % silver, which are perfectly coordinated with the IPS InLine PoM materials.

The conventional metal-ceramic IPS InLine continues to be available for dental professionals who prefer to use the layering technique or if the situation demands it.