IPS Empress Direct Color and Opaque

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Fulfilling high demands


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 21 March 2011

Ivoclar Vivadent launches two new materials for the individual characterization of highly esthetic restorations: IPS Empress Direct Color and Opaque. Both materials can be used for anterior and posterior restorations.

Two years ago, IPS Empress Direct was introduced, a light-curing, highly esthetic nano-hybrid composite for direct restorative procedures in the anterior and posterior teeth. Now the IPS Empress Direct range of products has been extended to include two new products for characterizing teeth: IPS Empress Direct Color and IPS Empress Direct Opaque.

Lifelike characterization
IPS Empress Direct Color is ideally suitable for the application of natural-looking characterizations to high-end composite and IPS Empress CAD restorations in the anterior and posterior teeth. The product is offered in the shades blue, brown, grey, honey yellow, ochre, purple and white. All the shades feature a smooth consistency and can be conveniently applied. Their fillers have been adjusted to ensure optimum translucency. IPS Empress Direct Color is offered in a new, ergonomic syringe which makes handling more convenient. The angled cannula with a diameter of only 0.4 mm allows the material to be placed exactly where needed. Thus even very small characterizations can be applied with utmost precision.

Reliable masking
The light-curing opaquing agent IPS Empress Direct Opaque has been designed to reliably mask stained and discoloured teeth, exposed metal surfaces and core build-ups in the anterior and posterior region. Due to its high content of colour pigments, it demonstrates outstanding masking capabilities even when applied in thin layers. Consequently, direct and indirect restorations no longer show unsightly discolouration shining through from within. IPS Empress Direct Opaque is also available in ergonomic syringes. Due to its high filler content, IPS Empress Direct Opaque demonstrates physical properties on par with conventional flowable composite and can be applied in thin layers.

IPS Empress Direct Color and Opaque will be available from April 2011 onwards.

IPS Empress Direct is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.