Fluor Protector Gel

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Threefold protection

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 20 April 2010

The new Fluor Protector Gel from Ivoclar Vivadent allows teeth to be treated intensively, yet gently: The formula of “calcium plus fluoride plus phosphate” is responsible for its protective action. These components protect the teeth and repair and strengthen damaged tooth enamel. In addition, Fluor Protector Gel contains xylitol, which inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause caries. Finally, pro-vitamin D-panthenol conditions the gums.

Fluor Protector Gel is recommended for daily use to protect the teeth against caries and erosion and periodontal tissue against periodontal disease. The gel is particularly suitable for sensitive teeth and exposed cervicals. In addition, it is ideal for patients who consume acidic foods or suffer from a dry mouth. The gel can also be used during orthodontic treatment, after professional tooth cleaning and in the course of tooth whitening. The gel is applied with a toothbrush, interdental brush or a tray, depending on the individual patient requirements.

Due to its excellent flow and wetting properties, Fluor Protector Gel penetrates into difficult-to-reach risk areas and delivers its protective components to these places. Low foam formation facilitates its distribution and reduces the need for patients to rinse their mouth after its application. As a result, the ingredients have ample time to release their protective action. The pleasant light mint taste and perceptibly smooth teeth after the application of Fluor Protector Gel leave a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Fluor Protector Gel is available effective immediately.