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Cervitec Plus fulfils expectations

Schaan, Liechtenstein - 18 November 2010

The chlorhexidine varnish Cervitec Plus from Ivoclar Vivadent lives up to the “plus” in its name. Cervitec Plus is more effective than its predecessor Cervitec. This finding comes from a joint clinical study between the Central County Hospital of Halmstad, Sweden, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cervitec Plus varnish from Ivoclar Vivadent contains chlorhexidine and thymol and features a new formulation and improved adhesive properties. Like its predecessor Cervitec, Cervitec Plus significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth. Now, a joint study of the Central County Hospital of Halmstad, Sweden, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, has come to the conclusion that Cervitec Plus is more effective in fighting bacteria than its predecessor. The clinical study was carried out over an average period of 48 weeks. In the process, the number of cariogenic mutans streptococci bacteria and the development of caries in the fissures of permanent molars was investigated (Sköld-Larsson et al. 2009).

Adolescent test subjects
A total of 58 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years of age wearing fixed orthodontic appliances took part in the double-blind study with a split-mouth design. One hundred and sixteen molar pairs were randomly divided into two groups: one group was treated with Cervitec, while the other group was treated with Cervitec Plus. The varnishes were applied at the beginning of the study and every six weeks thereafter. At regular intervals, the mutans streptococci-counts were evaluated with CRT bacteria (a microbiological caries risk test) and the occlusal laser fluorescence with DIAGNOdent from KaVo (laser-based caries diagnosis equipment). The findings were positive. Both varnishes significantly lowered the mutans streptococci-count in fissures and the number of bacteria remained at a low level even after the study ended. The superior effectiveness of the new Cervitec Plus varnish was reflected in the significant decrease of test subjects with high mutans streptococci-counts in the fissures of molars after six weeks (12 % vs 24 %) and after 12 weeks (16 % vs 26 %).

Sköld-Larsson K, Sollenius O, Petersson LG, Twetman S.: Effect of topical applications of novel chlorhexidine-thymol varnish formula on mutans streptococci and caries development in occlusal fissures of permanent molars (J Clin Dent 2009;20:223-226).