Programat P500: the second generation

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Adding colour to the lab

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 22 February 2010

Programat P500/G2 comes with a new touch screen colour display and a host of other new features which further enhance the firing process. The second-generation furnace builds on the tried-and-tested properties of the predecessor model.

Ivoclar Vivadent has developed a second-generation Programat P500 ceramic furnace which features a touch screen colour display. The clearly arranged icons on the user interface of the display allow data to be easily and conveniently entered and relevant parameters to be quickly read. The firing curve shown in colours and the clearly visible time-remaining indicator with colour progress bar inform users about the current status of the firing process.

A plethora of new features
Other innovations include the "Cooling Shock Protection (CSP)" function, which reduces stresses in the ceramic due to a special furnace head opening process, and the Thermo Shock Protection (TSP) function, which protects the ceramic against thermal shock if the furnace is closed when it is too hot. Moreover, the new Programat P500 incorporates state-of-the-art Power Saving Technology, which cuts power consumption in the stand-by mode by up to 40%. This reduces energy costs and helps protect the environment.

Built on proven technology
Apart from all these new features, Programat P500 continues to offer proven characteristics such as quartz tube kanthal heating muffle technology, automatic double range calibration, USB ports as well as the combination of a membrane-sealed keypad and touch screen function.

The second-generation Programat P500 will be available in March 2010.