IPS Empress Direct

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The only direct composite that could be called Empress


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 23 March 2009

IPS Empress Direct offers the esthetics of a ceramic combined with the convenience of a composite – due to a wide range of shades, various levels of translucency and good processing properties.

The light-curing nano-hybrid composite IPS Empress Direct is based on the latest composite technology and was developed in cooperation with researchers, dental professionals and colour specialists. Due to the lifelike shades and opacities, natural-looking and esthetic results can be achieved for all indications.

Anterior esthetics
The properties of IPS Empress Direct are shown to full advantage in demanding anterior restorations in particular. The wide range of 32 dentin and enamel shades in five levels of translucency allow teeth to be faithfully reconstructed. Two high-end shade guides ensure that the quality of the shade selection, as the starting point of every highly esthetic restorative procedure, is consistent.

Convenient handling
IPS Empress Direct offers high stability, shade fidelity and excellent modelling and polishing properties. The material’s handling is also exceptional: As the natural dentin is simply replaced by Dentin material and the enamel by Enamel material, there is no need for a “recipe”. Even the physical properties meet the highest demands, such as an optimum radiopacity and a low sensitivity to light. As a result of the low light sensitivity, enough time is available to design the restorations without pressure.

Proven system with new options
For nearly 20 years, IPS Empress has been synonymous with all-ceramics and high exceptional esthetics for the reconstruction of dental defects. With the introduction of IPS Empress Direct, the esthetics of the ceramic are now combined with the convenience of a composite.

IPS Empress Direct is available both in syringes and in Cavifils.