IPS e.max System with an extended shade range

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Shade selection made easy


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 23 March 2009

With immediate effect, the lithium disilicate ceramics and the press-on ceramic of the IPS e.max System are available in 20 different shades. This makes shade selection a walk in the park, even when fabricating very demanding restorations.

The shade range of the lithium disilicate ceramics that form part of the IPS e.max System has been extended from 13 to 20 shades. Consequently, even in conjunction with less popular tooth shades, the matching press ingot or CAD/CAM block can be used right from the start. Moreover, it is consistent with the desired final shade.  

Balanced translucency for the staining technique
Due to their translucency, the lithium disilicate ceramics IPS e.max Press LT (low translucency) and IPS e.max CAD LT are suitable for the fabrication of fully anatomical and semi-anatomical restorations. Subsequently, these restorations can be quickly and efficiently stained or the incisal portion can be built up with IPS e.max Ceram in anterior restorations.

The shade range of IPS e.max ZirPress has also been extended
The assortment of IPS e.max ZirPress materials which are pressed onto zirconium oxide frameworks has also been extended.  Just like the lithium disilicate ceramics, the IPS e.max ZirPress fluorapatite glass-ceramic is now available in 16 A-D shades and 4 Bleach shades as well as two degrees of translucency: LT (low translucency) and HT (high translucency).