OptraDam Plus

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The better way of tooth isolation


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 14 August 2009

The dentist can ensure complete isolation of the working field in the oral cavity of the patient by means of OptraDam Plus from Ivoclar Vivadent. The addition "Plus" indicates that the material properties have been optimized and the patient comfort improved.

OptraDam Plus consists of a latex sheet with a perforation pattern stretched between two plastic rings. It is a clinical accessory which is shaped to match the anatomy of the mouth. Dentists can use OptraDam Plus to provide complete isolation of the treatment field. Compared with the predecessor product OptraDam, the plastic rings are now much more elastic, thus facilitating the placement in the patient’s oral cavity. These softer plastic rings make sure that the product is more comfortable to wear – even over extended periods of time. What distinguishes OptraDam Plus is the fact that, apart from the perforation pattern being adapted to the anatomy of the tooth arches, the latex material is more elastic. The dentist can therefore optimally isolate teeth, as it is now easier to pull the material over the teeth and to pass the septa of OptraDam Plus through the proximal contacts. As opposed to the conventional rubber dam, dentists can isolate single teeth quickly and easily using OptraDam Plus and without requiring the help of a dental assistant.

OptraDam Plus is available in convenient packs of 50 pieces. The product will be available in September.