Proxyt-Prophy pastes

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Proxyt - Prophy pastes for systematic professional tooth cleaning


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 08 May 2009

Systematic professional cleaning and polishing of teeth, restorations and implants constitute a basic measure in the prevention of caries as well as periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

The Proxyt prophylaxis paste system allows dental professionals to treat their patients according to their individual needs. Proxyt cleans effectively, yet it is gentle. The pastes do not wear the tooth structure unnecessarily or roughen the surfaces of restorations. The pastes are available in three different abrasive values: fine (RDA 7), medium (RDA 36), coarse (RDA 83). Therefore, Proxyt covers the entire spectrum of teeth cleaning, ranging from the removal of light accretion and pathogenic plaque to the elimination of stains and fine polishing. In addition, the pastes contain xylitol and fluoride.

The fine Proxyt paste is designed for cleaning and polishing the surfaces of quality restorations. Teeth, restorations and implants are cleaned without scratching. Their natural lustre is enhanced. The teeth and gums and the tissue around implants stay healthy and look their best.