Programat P700: the second generation

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Programat P700 – the second generation


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 23 March 2009

The second generation of the Programat P700 offers a whole range of new features. These include the CSP function (Cooling Shock Protection), an energy saving mode (Power Saving Technology), an optimized user interface as well as a voice output device.

The Programat P700 of the second generation represents a definite highlight among the various ceramic furnaces.  The integrated Cooling Shock Protection relies on a specifically adjusted opening and cooling process, which prevents cracks and tension from forming within the ceramic. In addition, the furnace has been equipped with new energy saving technology which cuts power consumption in the stand-by mode by up to 40 %. This reduces power costs and at the same time helps protect the environment. Moreover, the new P700 stands out due to its new, optimized user interface: modern symbols in combination with well-structured programs dramatically simplify the operation of the furnace. The voice output feature provides verbal feedback and directions to assist users during operation.

Based on time-tested features
Apart from these innovations, the appeal of the Programat P700 continues to lie in the tried-and-tested attributes such as QTK muffle technology, automatic double-range calibration, JPG image representation, integrated MP3 player as well as the Optical Status Display, which informs users about the current status of operation.

The Programat P700 will be available worldwide as from June 2009.