Monobond Plus

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Universal talent suitable for all restorations


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 23 March 2009

With Monobond Plus, Ivoclar Vivadent is pleased to announce the launch of a universal primer that helps establish a reliable bond to all restorative materials.

Monobond Plus meets a requirement that is essential for dental professionals: ease of use. The innovative combination of three different functional groups – silane methacrylate, phosphoric acid methacrylate and sulfide methacrylate - enables a strong and durable bond to be established to any restorative material. Therefore, there is no need to purchase and store different primers for different materials.

Uniform reaction time, easy storage
Not only the easy conditioning of the restorative surfaces is an attractive feature of Monobond Plus. The primer also simplifies the bonding procedure, because a uniform reaction time of 60 seconds is needed on all the various material surfaces. In addition, Monobond Plus does not require cool storage. The universal primer can be stored at room temperature.

Monobond Plus will be available through local dental dealers as from April 2009.