Implant Care Program

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Implant restorations: protected all around


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 01 October 2009

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Implant Care Program encompasses coordinated products and provides a comprehensive protection of implant restorations..

Ivoclar Vivadent presents Implant Care, a product program for the professional care of patients during the various implant treatment phases and throughout the rest of their lives. This program allows dentists to meet the requirements posed by complex restoration structures and the patient’s individual intraoral situation. Implant Care includes a set of coordinated products, such as the disclosing liquid “Plaque Test”, the “Proxyt” prophy paste with an RDA value of 7, the chlorhexidine-containing protective varnish “Cervitec Plus”, the oral health care gel “Cervitec Plus” containing chlorhexidine and fluoride and the lip and cheek retractor “OptraGate”. All these products for professional tooth cleaning and bacteria control protect and preserve the sensitive peri-implant tissue. High-quality superstructures, fixed or removable dentures and natural teeth are thus optimally treated, both in terms of function and esthetics.

A special Implant Care Kit is available immediately.