Programat S1

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Definitely quicker


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 03 September 2009

Light-weight and compact: This is how the new sintering furnace Programat S1 from Ivoclar Vivadent presents itself. Its major advantage lies in the short sintering period, which not only reduces the manufacturing time of zirconium oxide crown and bridge frameworks but also saves energy.

Programat S1 puts an end to lengthy sintering procedures: It allows single-tooth zirconium oxide restorations to be sintered in only 90 minutes. By contrast, conventional sintering furnaces require five to eight hours for this process. For the laboratory, a short sintering process means that veneered zirconium oxide-based crowns and bridges can be fabricated within a single working day. The high strength of the material and its accuracy of fit are not affected by the short sintering cycle, as has been confirmed in various scientific studies. In addition, the power consumption of the laboratory is reduced. With the introduction of the energy-saving Programat S1 furnace, Ivoclar Vivadent continues to pursue its strategy of providing equipment based on “Power Saving Technology“.

Innovative technology
Weighing in at only 28kg, the compact Programat S1 is definitely a lightweight among the sintering furnaces. However, it is no lightweight when it comes to technology: Programat S1 can be calibrated and therefore the sintering temperature can be checked at any time and adjusted if necessary. The OSD operating status display allows the current state of the sintering process to be reliably checked - even from a distance.

Programat S1 will be available worldwide from October 2009 onwards.