OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft

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As easy as ABC – OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 20 January 2009

In order to meet the need for a more comfortable and gentle OptraGate for children that minimizes pressure, an ExtraSoft version of the tried-and-tested lip and cheek retractor OptraGate Junior has been developed.

By modifying the intraoral ring using a soft material pad and by including recesses for the lip frenula, OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft is even more comfortable to wear for children. The even, three-dimensional retraction of the lips and cheeks creates a treatment field which is easier to access and clearly visible. Contrary to conventional, rigid lip and cheek retractors, OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft adapts perfectly to the individual oral situation, as it features three-dimensional functionality and flexibility.

OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft can be used in many different procedures, such as patient examination, professional teeth-cleaning, preventive measures, direct and indirect restorative therapy or orthodontic treatments.

Just like the Regular and Small sizes, OptraGate Junior ExtraSoft is hygienically and individually wrapped and available in the convenient dispenser box.