BioUniversal KFG+

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Universal alloy for a variety of indications

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 23th January 2017

BioUniversal KFG+: The “Plus” amongst the universal alloys

The new universal alloy BioUniversal KFG+ is suitable for a wide variety of indications. It is easy to cast and compatible with the laboratory composite SR Nexco.

BioUniversal KFG+ is an economical universal alloy. It is the further development of the alloy BioUniversal KFG, which will be replaced by the new universal alloy.

Many advantages for the user
The low density of the alloy saves costs with each crown. Dental laboratories are able to calculate their prices more profitably. The copper-free alloy prevents the inside of the telescope crowns and conical crowns from oxidation. It causes no reactions or discolourations of the tissue. Despite the low gold content, the alloy has an intense yellow colour. This gives the veneer a natural and esthetical appearance.

Suitable for a variety of indications
The alloy is particularly suitable for onlays, ¾ crowns, crowns, telescope and conical crowns, small and large spanned bridges, posts, bars, structural elements, implant superstructures and metal denture castings. It is suitable for milling and double crown techniques as well as for veneering with low-fusing special ceramics and the light-curing laboratory composite SR Nexco.

SR Nexco® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.