Cervitec F

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Fluoride application and bacteria control in only one working step

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 1 June 2016

New protective varnish Cervitec F for fast tooth surface protection

In the case of high caries risk, the new protective varnish Cervitec F offers fast protection of tooth surfaces. The Cervitec F varnish system contains fluoride, chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC).

CPC helps to prevent the build-up of tartar and supports the effect of chlorhexidine. This new combination of ingredients enables the application of fluoride and the selective control of bacteria in one working step and therefore speeds up the treatment procedure. Cervitec F is recommended as a basic protective measure for caries prophylaxis in risk groups and for the protection of sensitive tooth necks. The varnish system is suitable for people of all age groups - from small children to seniors.

Fast and easy treatment
All the ingredients of Cervitec F are completely dissolved. As a result, the varnish system is ready for immediate use and can be applied in controlled doses. Its relatively high moisture tolerance facilitates the application. Fast application is also possible in field conditions, for example, in homes for the retired or for people with special needs.

Cervitec F is available in an economical dispensing tube and in individual Single Dose units.

Cervitec® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.