IPS Style

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Metal-ceramic material with a new crystal structure


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 22 October 2015

Ivoclar Vivadent launches a metal-ceramic system containing oxyapatite

IPS Style is the first metal-ceramic material with patented oxyapatite. It has been developed for the highest efficiency in the daily laboratory work and stands for easy processing and a lifelike esthetic appearance.

The new IPS Style metal-ceramic system features an innovation: it contains oxyapatite crystals. Such crystals were never before used in a dental ceramic material. Only leucite and fluorapatite crystals have become widely established in the world of dental technology due to their use in products such as IPS InLine or IPS d.SIGN. The combination of these three types of crystals in a metal-ceramic material is thus a novelty. Oxyapatite crystals reflect incident light to a very high degree, which generates an in-depth effect. As the oxyapatite content of the different materials varies (from opaquer to incisal materials), the translucency, or opacity, of the restoration can be directly controlled. The fluorapatite crystals that are also part of IPS Style reflect and scatter incident light, which produces considerable brightness. This precisely coordinated interplay of the crystals results in even the opaquer participating in the shade and light management of the entire restoration.

What are the contents of IPS Style?
IPS Style is indicated for the conventional CTE range. It comprises ceramic materials for the one- and multi-layer technique. Due to the broad range of Impulse and Effect materials, the restorations can be tailored to individual needs. Moreover, the one-layer ceramic IPS Style Ceram One permits the efficient fabrication of high-quality restorations. IPS Ivocolor is part of IPS Style and represents the new universal system of stains and glazes from Ivoclar Vivadent. It can be used on nearly all layering, press and CAD ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent.

For beginners and experts
IPS Style is coordinated with all popular alloys in the indicated CTE range. The alloy frameworks may be fabricated using either analogue or digital procedures. The
IPS Style Ceram layering materials are processed in the same way as conventional metal-ceramics. The material is easy to contour and features excellent stability during application. This makes the material easy to use for both beginners and experts and provides them with process reliability. The comprehensive range of materials enables dental technicians to fabricate any type of restoration ranging from quick and simple to highly esthetic - true to the motto "Make it your Style!"-

IPS Style®, IPS Ivocolor®, IPS InLine® and IPS d.SIGN® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.