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Two new products for a precise and economic use

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 1st September 2015

Ivoclar Vivadent launches the dental radiometer Bluephase Meter II and polymerization light Bluephase Style M8

In order to completely polymerize dental materials, the intensity of the applied polymerization light must be regularly checked. The dental radiometer Bluephase Meter II  offers a simple and yet precise solution.

Conventional radiometers often allow a limited check of the light intensity of the polymerization device only. The reason fo this are diverse technical limitations, such as the strictly defined diameter of the light measuring cell. As a rule, only approximate values are measured for each type of device (halogen, plasma, LED etc.). Owing to this fact, conventional radiometers can only be used for a relative light measurement or for checking the consistency of the light intensity.

Bluephase Meter II: Universal use
Bluephase Meter II precisely defines as the sole radiometer the light intensity of the polymerization devices, regardless of the type of design. With Bluephase Meter II, the light intensity of Bluephase Style can be regularly and reliably checked. In comparison to the gold standard, the Ulbricht sphere, the deviation in measurement is only + 10 per cent. If this radiometer is applied constantly in the daily practice treatments, the long-term success of direct and indirect restorations will be enhanced.

Bluephase Style M8: The LED for economical use
For the polymerization of some dental material, e.g. fissure sealants, a lower light intensity is required than for the polymerization with composites. As long as these dental materials are completely cured within a wave length range between 430 and 490 nm, a polymerization device of the second LED generation like the Bluephase Style M8 with a light intensity of 800 mW/cm2 can be used. The successor model of the mains operated Bluephase C8  complements the product family around Bluephase Style and stands out with a convincing price-performance ratio.

Bluephase® is a registered trademark ot the Ivoclar Vivadent AG.