The 2008 business year

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Global market growth for Ivoclar Vivadent in 2008


Schaan, Liechtenstein - 23 March 2009

The Ivoclar Vivadent group can look back on a successful 2008 business year and continues to increase its market share. These positive results were made possible by the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of all-ceramic restorative materials and composites.

Ivoclar Vivadent increased its global dental market share in 2008 achieving total sales of 631 million Swiss francs. 

Worldwide sales growth of 7%
Consolidated sales showed a growth of 7% worldwide in local currencies. Due to considerable currency fluctuations, the growth in Swiss francs was around 1%. This growth continued the international Ivoclar Vivadent Group’s annual trend of above market growth. “We are very pleased to report strong sales growth in all global market regions and in all key product categories”, said Robert Ganley, CEO Ivoclar Vivadent, at today’s press conference. “Our growth continues to be a direct result of a clear and effective vision of the market trends, customer driven and market leading innovation and the passionate dedication of 2200 employees around the dental world”, said Ganley.

Innovative products create opportunities
The introduction of innovative technologies in all-ceramic restorative materials and composites has driven sales growth.  “The global brand strength of IPS Empress and the newest innovation of IPS e.max have provided dentists and dental laboratories with high quality, high estetic restorative solutions that can increase patient satisfaction”, said Ganley.  These innovations have also established Ivoclar Vivadent as the world leader in all-ceramic dental materials.  In the area of composites the launch of Tetric EvoCeram restorative material has strengthened the company’s global position in composites and the launch at the IDS 2009 of Empress Direct will further solidify this position. 

Outlook for 2009
In 2009 Ivoclar Vivadent will expand its product portfolio to include material systems for highly esthetic implant supported restorations. “It has been and continues to be our goal to provide our customers with innovative material systems for quality esthetic dentistry”, said Ganley.