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Cervitec Liquid

Alcohol-free mouth rinse containing xylitol, D-panthenol and chlorhexidine
Cervitec Liquid is a ready-to-use mouth rinse for professional oral hygiene in the dental office and at home. Cervitec Liquid is gentle on sensitive gums, periimplant tissue and the oral mucosa. The soothing ingredients make the mouth feel good and freshen the breath.

Recommended application
For an intensive, temporary mouth rinsing regimen; to maintain the healthy condition of the oral mucosa, the gums and the dental supporting tissue; before and after implant, periodontal, dental or orthodontic surgical procedures; in case of high caries risk; in case of restricted oral hygiene ability; to counteract bad breath.


  • Soothing ingredients: xylitol, provitamin D-panthenol and 0.1% chlorhexidine
  • Alcoholfree for susceptible individuals
  • Mild mint taste

Benefits for the dental team

  • Supports germ control
  • High level of patient compliance
  • Helps to enhance the treatment success