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Telio CAD

Telio CAD are cross-linked PMMA discs. This material allows you to produce temporary crowns and bridges. The industrial polymerization process makes the material very homogeneous. This means Telio CAD can be easily processed.

Prior to insertion, you can choose whether the restoration should be polished or individualized with the stains and layering materials of the SR Nexco light-curing laboratory composite range.

Convincing the patient
The excellent visual appearance of the temporary material allows you to show your patient what the final result will look like whilst the restoration is still in its temporary state.

Reducing the amount of rework required
Give your patient a natural-looking smile: with a material which is comfortable to wear, shows hardly any discoloration and has a low affinity to plaque. However, it is not only comfortable to wear for the patient, but also the amount of rework required is thus reduced.

Easy to process, good to wear
Easy to mill as well as visually esthetically and clinically proven: The temporary restoration can be polished to a high gloss easily and quickly.


  • Temporary crowns and bridges
*coming soon