2. Scan

The Ivotion Denture System eliminates the need for fabricating time-consuming models. The impressions are quickly and easily digitized with the 3Shape laboratory scanner.

Existing scanner in the laboratory
Existing 3Shape scanners in the laboratory are suitable for the digitization of the initial situation from version D710 upwards due to the size of their recording space, the data quality and speed.

New scanners
3Shape scanners, which are purchased new, are suitable for high-quality Digital Denture production from model E1 onwards.

D2000_1900x1200px teaser

3Shape D 2000

High-performance scanner for fully digital laboratories with an all-in-one function

3Shape E4

The high-end scanner for a high level of productivity featuring the highest speed and accuracy (per scan) in the portfolio

E3_1900x1200px teaser

3Shape E3

The all-round scanner for CAD/CAM laboratories covering a large range of indications

E2_1900x1200px teaser

3Shape E2

More productivity for laboratories with a medium amount of CAD/CAM production

E1_1900x1200px teaser

3Shape E1

The entry-level model 3Shape E1* for laboratories with a low amount of full-contour CAD/CAM indications