4. Monolithic process with Ivotion

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The new Ivotion disc allows you to fabricate monolithic removable dentures by means of an efficient digital workflow. Complete dentures are machined from one disc in one uninterrupted milling process, which reduces the need for manual work. This is in accordance with the product slogan: One disc. One milling process. One denture.

One disc

Ivotion combines a proven, highly cross-linked PMMA tooth material with a premium denture base material. The disc is available in the following tooth shades: A1, A2 and A3. In addition, Ivotion features the gingiva shades called Preference and Pink-V.

One continuous milling process

After the complete denture has been designed, the monolithic restoration is efficiently milled in an uninterrupted milling process in a PrograMill machine.

Only polishing required

The manual work steps are reduced to a minimum. The milled denture only needs polishing.

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Data-based shell structure – the core of Ivotion

The unique Shell Geometry is located within the Ivotion disc. The Shell Geometry is a data-based, three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure which is designed for fabricating upper and lower dentures. This innovative technology allows customized complete dentures to be milled in one operation.1

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Based on sound data

The Shell Geometry is based on the data gathered from a wide range of real clinical cases. A large number of time-tested complete dentures that are still in service were analyzed and a common denominator was established, which resulted in the development of the Shell Geometry.

A template within the disc

The Shell Geometry is located within the disc, where it defines the transition between the tooth and the denture base parts of the disc.

The basis for customized complete dentures

In the intuitive CAD design process, the dentures are customized to the patient’s needs with the help of the Ivotion tooth library and the innovative Shell Geometry. This digital technique allows you to fabricate dentures for a wide range of jaw shapes and sizes.

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Truly monolithic

A state-of-the-art manufacturing process produces a tight chemical bond between the two materials to produce a smooth transition and a stress-free monolithic disc as shown in the SEM image. As a result, the material shows uniform strength throughout the entire disc.

1 In very rare cases (e.g. very large dental arches), the Shell Geometry of Ivotion will not provide a suitable solution. In such cases, the established Oversize process is recommended.