IPS e.max Press goes digital

The combination of digital and analog working steps enhances the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the entire press process.

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Design in CAD/CAM-Software

The software IPS e.max Digital Press Design – Wax Tree enables you to combine several monochromatic single-tooth restorations and create a wax tree with the aid of computer technology. The press sprues are automatically attached to the restorations and appropriately aligned within the IPS Sprue Guide. This improves the safety and quality of the entire pressing process and also shortens the spruing procedure significantly.

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The software IPS e.max Press Digital Press Design – Press Multi (Dental System 2020, 3Shape) allows you to visually and individually control the colour transition from the dentin to the incisal with IPS e.max Press Multi restorations. The horizontal press sprues are attached to the restoration in a fully automatic process, depending on the colour transition required and the proportion of dentin an incisal. The attachments can be controlled individually. This is how to achieve the desired esthetical appearance and the ideal polychromatic colour effect.

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Printing wax structures

With ProArt Print Wax, wax pattern of the restorations are printed in the new 3D printing system PrograPrint. The 3D printing material ProArt Print Wax burns out without leaving residue. The high accuracy of fit, precision detail and smooth surfaces of the wax structures speak for themselves. 


  • High-precison pressing objects
  • No press-flash and barely casting ring cracks
  • Production of complex and fine pressing objects
  • 40 wax crowns in only one printing procedure possible
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Milling wax structures

Once the restorations have been designed, the wax structures are milled in the PrograMill unit using the ProArt CAD Wax yellow discs, which have been optimized for IPS e.max Press. This material is characterized by its excellent machining properties. In addition, it fires without leaving any residue. The milled restorations feature high accuracy of fit and exhibit smooth and faithfully reproduced surfaces.

Investing, burning out, pressing

The printed objects are invested in the conventional manner using IPS PressVest Premium, and then heated in a furnace to burn-out. The objects are pressed in the intelligent press and ceramic furnaces Programat EP3010 or EP5010. Thanks to the fully automatic press function (FPF), the pressing procedure is activated simply and conveniently at the touch of a button.