The synergy of digital dentistry and biology in implant abutment designing and treatment workflow

15 Nov 2019, 13:45 - 14:45
Ioannis Tampakos & Stavros Pelekanos

With dentistry becoming increasingly computer controlled, dental profession has experienced a significant technological growth within the last years. Implant placement using digital surgical guides has gained in popularity as efficacy has become ever more important. However, the CAD/CAM technology in implant dentistry has been used for many years and is well established in every day lab work. Moreover, the use of intraoral scanners seems also to be finding its way into the daily work of dental practitioners.

The aim of the lecture is to analyze the indications and the limitations of a digital process, based on the scientific evidence and daily experience.

We will also cover the entire restoration process, including design steps, manufacturing and final cementation. We will present different clinical approaches and show the synergy between older and newer biological concepts in the treatment workflow.