Live demo – Meet the Expert Sessions at the ZEISS booth

Speaker:         Assoc. Professor Marko Jakovac DMD, MSC, PhD (HR)

Topic:             Margin Control: The Key for Long-Term Success in Esthetic Dentistry

Time slots:      Friday 15.11.2019             4:45 to 5:15 pm

                       Saturday 16.11.2019       11:30 to 12:00 am

Dental therapy is increasingly driven by high aesthetic demands. Usually, for this purpose indirect ceramic or composite restorations are used. However, a treatment can only be considered successful if a good long-term prognosis can be achieved. Longevity of a restoration is influenced by several factors, such as choice of materials, occlusal load, as well as precision during tooth preparation or the restorative phase.

Optical devices are taking precision to the next level. Basic optical devices are dental loupes. However, stronger magnification, although the basis of success in several fields of dental medicine, still can be considered as enthusiasm of a few individuals.
By developing new microscopes more adapted to the dentist's needs, the interest for their use in dentistry is increasing. Such microscopes, except of great magnification, also offer a number of useful filters for everyday work. For example, they can detect poor restorations, calculus, caries etc. In addition, some filters enable better measuring of tooth color or color of restorative materials. Another feature is great flexibility when it comes to working with composite materials, as certain filters hinder premature polymerization.

Precision during tooth preparation or the restorative phase is the key element of a good long-term prognosis for dental restorations. Optical devices are taking precision to the next level. The Course will show the possibilities of microscope use in restorative dental medicine with an overview of cases and situations from everyday practice.