Lóránt Stumpf

Lóránt Stumpf

 Lóránt Stumpf (HU)


Digital Master Dental Technician with 16 years of experience, who graduated at the College of Dental Technology in 2000. While working in Hungary, he mainly focused on conventional dentistry. However, he always showed eagerness for learning and incorporating new technologies. As a laboratory owner since 2007, he is constantly working on revolutionizing dental technology. Throughout this journey, he gained significant experience in the field of digital dentistry.



1990 – 1994                  High School graduation

1994 – 1997                  College of general technology

1997 – 2000                  College of dental technology

2010                             Master of dental technology


Work Experience

2000 – 2007


GEN-DO DENTAL LABORATORY - Conventional Dental Laboratory - acquired solid foundation of the basics throughout the wide spectrum of dental.

2007 – 2013


STUMPF DENT LABORATORY - Laboratory owner - mixed background of conventional and digital technologies.

2013 – CURRENT



CDC LABORATORY - Purely Digital Dental Laboratory -pioneering in the upcoming revolution of the dental industry. Research and development in digital design, milling strategies, and customized 3D printing, alongside with Ireland´s largest private dental clinic.

2015 – CURRENT


SKYN OPEN SYSTEM - working on several R&D projects with Livio Yoshinaga, Florin Cofar and Master Paulo Kano.



2001, 2007                    BPS Prosthetics

2002                             APF Prosthetics

2003                             RPD Framework

2005, 2008                    Gnathology

2009, 2011                    Ceramics

2005, 2015                    Dental Photography

2014, 2015                    DSD

2012, 2015                    CIM System CAM