Implementing digital workflow in modern treatment concepts: Options and challenges

16 Nov 2019, 10:25 - 11:25
Igor Ristić & Deni Pavlović

Currently, clinical dentistry is widely influenced by rapid development of digital equipment. At the same time, modern clinician is challenged to face sudden change in treatment concept, restorative protocols and need to transform some clinical procedures from analog to digital.

In this lecture, we will explain the current stand of digitalization in dentistry and its benefits. We will also address the potential of digitalization and points of improvement. Finally, we will talk about traditional clinical routines that should be digitalized.

Teamwork approach involves intensive interaction between clinical and laboratory work steps and all team members. As a result, we can easily develop successful repeatable treatment concepts, while respecting all aspect of modern treatment concepts, involving  restorative materials that are ideally suitable for the indication. Our aim is to discuss open issues from clinical and laboratory point of view.