Full digital Implantology, from simple to complex cases: The i2 protocol

15 Nov 2019, 14:45 - 15:25

Intraoral scanning is taking implant dentistry to a new level. New materials and solutions simplify range of procedures - from single unit cases to full arch reconstructions. Close collaboration between the clinic and the lab enables dental professionals to provide their patients with the best dentistry can offer today: the best of digital dentistry and the best of dental lab technology.
A predictable workflow and the correct selection of the treatment tools are mandatory to ensure this awesome treatment.
This lecture will cover implant systems, surgery, scanning, the correct selection of materials and everything from model-free, same-day, immediate loading restorations to monolithic materials, temporaries and final restorations. Also, a special procedure involving the i2device and a workflow for the same-day, immediate, full digital implant-supported full arch reconstructions will be presented.