Dr Luis Cuadrado

Luis Cuadrado

Luis Cuadrado, MD DMD (ES)

Luis Cuadrado is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and a director at i2 Implantologia, a Clinic and Training Center located in Madrid, Spain.

He is a director of the Postgraduate Training Program in Implantology at UDIMA University, Madrid.

His practice focuses on oral implantology, extraoral and reconstructive surgery. He maintains an active position as a member of AO, EAO, SEI, SECIB, SECPRE and ITI, and is a director of the Madrid 3 Study Club.

He has held over 200 courses and conferences, national and international, and published more than 100 scientific articles

KOL of Ivoclar Vivadent, Straumann, 3shape, Osstell and other companies. His practice is fully focused on digital implantology and esthetic dentistry, developing new protocols and patents to improve and simplify the clinical outcomes in this amazing field.