Composites: Techniques applied for esthetic dentistry

15 Nov 2019, 18:55 - 19:35
Ronaldo Hirata

Composite restorations have been widely indicated in the daily practice due to replacement of traditional amalgam based materials, and improvement on the esthetic outcome of polymer-based materials. There are clinical situations where composite restorations are best indicated compared to other options due to their conservative approach, reversibility, and ability to repair, especially in younger patients. It is mandatory to recognize these specific clinical situations.

This lecture will discuss indications of composites nowadays, and discuss the actual techniques for composite layering (dentin/chromatic/achromatic enamel) and the modified technique using less layers as well as the low shrinkage composites. The step by step procedure for each technique is described along with the challenges and essentials for each one. Results obtained by research done in NYU will also be presented.

The objectives of the lecture are:

1-    Recognize clinical situations where composites as esthetic treatment could be used being a more conservative restorative option.

2-    Understand the traditional layering of composites

3-    Become familiar with the new simplified composite techniques, including bulk fill composite materials.