Ivoclar Vivadent


Press, Ceramic and Sinter Furnaces

The high-quality press and ceramic furnaces provide optimum press and firing results due to the coordinated press, firing and sintering programs

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Press furnaces

The press and ceramic furnaces Programat EP3000 and EP5000 are ideally adjusted to the processing of the IPS e.max Press ceramics (IPS e.max Press and ZirPress).

These combination furnaces are suitable for the processing of press ceramics (IPS e.max Press/ZirPress or IPS Empress Esthetic) as well as for firing layering ceramics (e.g. IPS e.max Ceram) or the crystallization of IPS e.max CAD.

The press furnaces convince users with their properties, such as electronic press drive, automated temperature calibration, as well as easy and quick operation with the help of a graphic display and menu control.

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Ceramic furnace

The current ceramic furnace generation from Ivoclar Vivadent is called Programat P300/G2, P500/G2 and P700/G2.  The innovative heating muffle technology for homogeneous heat irradiation allows excellent firing results to be achieved for your ceramic restorations. Furthermore, they are used for the crystallization of IPS e.max CAD restorations. 

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Sintering furnace

The innovative sintering furnace Programat S1 for the sintering of IPS e.max ZirCAD and IPS e.max CAD-on frameworks convinces users with its specially adjusted quick sintering program. The S1 is characterized by its short processing times and low energy consumption.