Ivoclar Vivadent


Process-Supporting Materials

The process-supporting ProArt CAD discs serve to transform conventional working steps in the laboratory into entirely digital processes. The dimensionally stable polymer and wax discs
are easy to mill and cover a wide range of indications.

The different ProArt CAD wax discs form the basis for detailed and accurate objects in dental technology.

The following ProArt CAD discs are available:

try-in visuals 11-16_0069

ProArt CAD Try-In

for functional try-ins

transfer visuals 11-16_0112

ProArt CAD Transfer

for transfer templates

splint visuals 11-16_0269

ProArt CAD Splint

for occlusal splints and drilling templates

model visuals 11-16_0269

ProArt CAD Model

for the production of acrylic models

wax yellow visuals 11-16_0019

ProArt CAD Wax yellow

for burn-out restorations for the press technique

wax blue visuals 11-16_0025

ProArt CAD Wax blue

for burn-out restorations for the casting technique

wax pink visuals 11-16_0032

ProArt CAD Wax pink

for wax bite rims and functional try-ins