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Telio CS Cem Implant

Telio-CS-Cem-Implantmagnifying glass

Telio CS Cem Implant is a self-curing luting composite cement with light-curing option for the aesthetic temporary / semi-permanent cementation of provisional:

  • Metal-supported long term provisonals (e.g. Telio Lab)
  • Metal-free long term provisonals (e.g. Telio CAD)
  • Temporary and definite crowns & bridges

This temporary cement is available in two different shades, transparent and opaque. As Telio CS Cem Implant is eugenol-free, it is also suitable for use in conjunction with all-ceramic restorations or lab-fabricated composite restorations which are permanently cemented in the adhesive technique. Due to its eugenol free formula it does not interact with materials that are used in the further treatment proccess. Additionally, Telio CS Cem Implant is compatible with all conventional temporary C&B materials (e.g. Telio CS C&B). Furthermore, it is suitable for temporary cementation of long term provisionals e.g. fabricated of Telio CAD and/or Telio Lab (wearing time: 6 months and longer) as well as for definite crowns & bridges (metal, zirconium oxide) on implant abutments.


  • Good retention (easy removal), reversible, semi-permanent
  • Radiopacity
  • Excellent esthetics, even where cement margins are visible
  • Ease of use due to the convenient automix double-push syringe


Semi-permanent / temporary cementation on implant abutments made of:

  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Zirconium oxide