Ivoclar Vivadent

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Clinically proven
Tetric is a classic among the universal composites. An outstanding radiopacity of 400% Al, proven handling and 15 years of clinical experience speak for themselves. Given its improved properties, Tetric is a modern composite which has proven its clinical effectiveness.

Short polymerization time
Tetric can now be polymerized in only 20 seconds. The new polymerization time of 20 seconds is clearly marked on every syringe and Cavifil.

Colour-coded syringes and Cavifils
Tetric offers syringes and Cavifils with a colour code. Thus the desired colour can be more easily and quickly selected.

Adapted shade range
Tetric comprises a range of 10 popular shades. These shades include a new white base shade called Basic White. This shade allows teeth to be filled quickly, as it takes only 10 seconds to cure (when a light-curing unit with at least 500 mW/cm2 is used).