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IPS e.max System Dentists

The IPS e.max all-ceramic system covers all indications ranging from thin veneers to 12-unit bridges. Restorations made of IPS e.max demonstrate both high esthetics and high strength.

Operators may choose the suitable all-ceramic material in accordance with the indication and the required strength. For all single-tooth restorations in the anterior and posterior region, lithium disilicate (LS2) is the material of choice for highly esthetic results. For larger restorations, such as posterior bridges that are subject to high masticatory stress, restorations supported with the IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconium oxide ceramic are indicated. In combination with lithium disilicate (LS2), the innovative IPS e.max CAD-on technique now also permits the fabrication of up to 4-unit posterior bridges with outstanding overall strength and highly esthetic appearance.

IPS e.max Cementation and Professional Care

Manifold cementation options and professional care.

IPS e.max Ceram

The highly esthetic layering material for the IPS e.max system.

IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate

High esthetics combined with high strength.

IPS e.max Preparation

Decisive for the durability and accuracy of fit of a restoration

IPS e.max Shade Determination

The correct choice of the tooth shade is the basis for a true-to-nature all-ceramic restoration

IPS e.max Zirconium Oxide

For (long-span) restorations that require utmost strength.